When the right video can make all the difference you can rely on Davis Investigations

Davis Investigations is the premier video surveillance firm in the New York area.  Our expertise in both the science and the art of video surveillance enable us to get our clients the critical video content they need to win their case.

For over 25 years Davis Investigations has worked hard to develop a reputation as the go-to firm for hard to obtain and critical video surveillance.  We work with our clients to develop a plan that fits their case and their needs.

Then our expert investigators head out into the field to obtain the specific video required to win the case.  Time and again our videos have helped some of the biggest law firms in New York win their cases and significantly reduced settlement amounts.


we can be the difference in your case



“The surveillance product was truly outstanding….your work product was instrumental in reaching a favorable result at the mediation of [the] claim. I have recommended, and will continue to recommend, your firm to my client for future surveillance …”

– Scott Pacula, Esq.,
Cabaniss Smith Toole & Wiggins Pl

Davis Investigators are…

  • Experts in locating and covertly following subjects
  • Trained videographers who will frame everything for maximum impact
  • Sent out in two man teams for complete coverage
  • Highly credible expert witnesses who’s testimony can strongly support their videos

All Davis Surveillance Videos are… 

  • Shot in crystal clear High-Definition
  • Clearly and professionally time and date stamped
  • Designed for maximum impact with a jury